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    Manual, Electric, Burr Coffee Bean Grinders

Manual Coffee Grinder – Ceramic Burr for Precise Grind – Elegant Easy to Use Coffee Bean Grinder – Perfect for the Connoisseur – Great for Home, Travel & Camping – Free Bonus Stencil & Spare Burr Lock

Product Features:

    'I AM ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED WITH THIS PRODUCT' 'MADE A BEAUTIFUL FINE GRIND JUST LIKE I WANTED' 'AWESOME SET. GREAT QUALITY' 'VERY COOL COFFEE GRINDER' A FRESH APPROACH! Our coffee grinder is easy to disassemble which means that it's easy to clean. What this really means is that you can…
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Product Description


A FRESH APPROACH! Our coffee grinder is easy to disassemble which means that it’s easy to clean. What this really means is that you can ensure no residual grind cross-contamination. What this ultimately means is that you can guarantee the freshest coffee experience for your light or dark roast!

GETS THE JOB DONE! Because our coffee grinder is multipurpose, you’ll not only be able to produce your perfect cup of coffee, you’ll be able to effortlessly grind dry herbs & spices together

PORTABLE! Our grinder set comes with its own carry bag, which means that it’s protected & fully portable, which means that you can take it anywhere & is great for camping!

ERGONOMIC! Our handheld coffee grinder has an ergonomic design which means that it’s comfortable to use even for small or weak hands

COMPACT! Our coffee grinder has a low profile design so you’ll be able to save on counter space & making it easy to store

ROBUST! Our coffee grinder is commercial grade quality 304 stainless steel which means that it has a high abrasion resistance which means that you can take it anywhere

STUNNING! Our coffee grinder has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly practical which means that it looks great on the counter in any kitchen

FUNCTIONAL! Because our coffee grinder comes with a built-in window you’ll be able to grind the exact amount of coffee which means no unnecessary waste

NO-NONSENSE! Our coffee grinder comes with detailed clear instructions with photos so it’s simple to use. You’ll be operating within minutes of unpacking it!

PRACTICAL! As the product comes with a handy measuring scoop & bag clip you’ll be able make the perfect strength coffee & keep your beans fresh

Product Features

  • ENDORSED! AUSTRALIAN TV CELEBRITY HEAD CHEF, JOCELYN RIVIÈRE described our product as a ‘Professional tool!’
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE! Our Coffee Bean Grinder, Herb grinder, Pepper grinder, Spice Grinder has ceramic grinding blades which means that you can easily achieve that high quality, best grind consistency. And what that really means is that you can have that freshest coffee experience every time. And what this ultimately means is that you will never have to experience that pre-ground coffee sets taste again!
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS! Because our hand crank coffee set grinder has hand adjustable ‘bump-click’ settings, you will be able to easily control the grind to meet your coarse to fine needs. This is great because you can simply adjust to suit your coffee needs and is perfect for the coffee connoisseur! It even comes with a cappuccino chocolate stencil! Christmas ideas. Gift idea. Gifts for coffee lovers.
  • EFFECTIVE! If you’ve been looking for a ninja coffee grinder burr that is good for the enthusiast and the connoisseur, then you search is over! You’ll have an all purpose grinder that fits literally every imaginable need – French Press, Aeropress, espresso, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Java, Italian, Turkish, organic. This is great because there is no need to spend a ton of money because you are getting commercial grade quality at a bargain price!
  • VERSATILE! The problem with an electric coffee maker and grinders is that they are noisy, large and need to be near a power outlet. Our product solves that problem! Why? That’s because our smaller product has an easy-to-connect, heavy duty, mechanical crank handle with burr grinder, which means that you can mill grind effortlessly without power cords or batteries and therefore has a 90% reduction in noise. This is also great for power outages or if you have a wood burning stove and a kettle